The Learning

This blog post on #qlc13 is brought to us by Meher Bajaj, a student at the American School of Doha.


During the past three days at the QLC, I realized that there is a vast amount of knowledge and information the average student doesn’t really get the chance to hear about.   But with over 100 sessions, student speakers, guest speakers, directors, and various students with different backgrounds  makes it a great experience for everyone who participates in the Qatar Leadership Conference.
When I had signed myself up for the Qatar Leadership Conference I didn’t know what to expect. I had thought it would be a couple of speakers talking about how to debate, and within each room there would around 10 – 15 people listening in, but I was clearly mistaken. I remember as I took my seat in the large hall, I had silently watched as the people filed in. They had filled the entire room making me realize just how big QLC really was. Throughout the day I went from session to session absorbing the information like a sponge. The topics were very interesting-giving you tips from how to be a good speaker, to applying MUN in your career, to learning how much service can help other people from around the world.

By the end of those three very spectacular days the QLC had opened my eyes to a lot of things I had heard of people doing but never actually thought I could be able to do.

Everyone talks about making a difference and how it starts with you. Most people understand the concept, but won’t actually do anything about it. They would think, “Well, what exactly could I do to help?” “I’m just one person”. I know I used to think with the same mind set as well. However, after my experience at the QLC, my entire outlook on matters changed.
The QLC not only opened my eyes, showing I could make a difference as only one individual, but it also taught me numerous amount of skills. Each session had a skill that could be beneficial to being a delegate in MUN. The QLC allowed you to interact with other delegates, brought new and fresh perspectives, and gave us the motivation to make a change.