Global MUN Survey launched by THIMUN Qatar

Turkmenistant Two years ago we were inspired  by the idea that the Model United Nation’s community, past and present delegates alike, had a tremendous amount to say about the impact of MUN in their lives.  This is particularly relevant for those of us who have worked to build and sustain programs in our schools and communities. With little ‘hard evidence’ as to the impact Model UN has had on individuals, teachers have had to rely on anecdotal evidence and the ‘gut feeling’ they get as they watch their delegates evolve through their MUN participation. But school administrations, business offices, and often parents do not see or feel this impact. Harder, statistical data is something that potential stakeholders can more easily understand, and in turn, this strengthens the ability of students and teachers alike to advocate for Model United Nations.

The THIMUN Foundation through the THIMUN Qatar office is very pleased to announce the opening of the first global MUN survey with the aim of validating much of what we believe to be true about MUN. This survey hopes to:

  • – assess the motivation and perceptions of current and past MUN delegates
  • – identify the skills and mindsets that left a lasting impression on participants
  • – assess the impact MUN has had on university selection and their eventual career paths
  • – provide feedback on the current state of MUN and the direction its participants feel it should be headed.

There is also an optional section to tell your ‘MUN Story’, and if you agree, to share this with a larger audience. The survey can be found at

The survey will be open for three weeks, closing on November 14, and preliminary results will then be assessed.

In order to get the most accurate view of MUN participation, we are asking for your help in sharing this survey as widely as possible. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you see fit. We are particularly interested in connecting with adults who participated in MUN in high school and/or university.

I hope you will be a part of these efforts to spread this survey to all MUN networks.  Please email me<> if you have additional questions.