DCMUN: Being a first time delegate!

Yoogin Kim is a student at Qatar Academy and new to Model United Nations.  Here she talks about how that first day she started as a delegate and the anticipation leading up to it is, well, stressful!

Even the Big Four had to start at the beginning…as a nervous delegate!


I participated to the MUN conference for the first time in my entire life. I was extremely nervous, but excited at the same time. At first, I decided to join just because of the credit I would receive. That was the one and only reason why I decided to do so even though I despised public speaking. Days and weeks passed by, and it was the actual time. My anxiety almost exploded in my head, but I held it in, to not panic. After taking several deep breaths, I got out of the bus then entered Doha College. Delegates from different committees went into their rooms then started getting the resolutions ready. I met new people, and we were obviously very awkward. As we discussed about the resolutions we wrote and shared our feelings of how nervous we all were for the next day, which was the actual conference day, we became closer and knew more about each other. Then the opening ceremony was held.

The next day, as soon as we arrived, we headed to our committee room, then we started to debate! People looked so scary, not to mention the three chairs that were looking at the delegates as if we were their prey. I had to remind myself several times to calm down. There were so many rules to follow and the worst was to not use personal pronouns. That was the hardest one to follow not only for me but for everyone. I ended up asking one question and not speaking up at the podium. Now I regret not talking at the podium. But still, it was a pleasant experience and would remain in my memory forever.

The FIRST MUN conference in my entire life! It was totally worth it. The people who I met, even the horrifying chairs and already-experienced delegates were friendly and funny. I also got closer to my friend I wasn’t that close before, and this conference gave me a chance not only to debate but to interact with people and just, have fun with others I’ve never even met before. The credit wasn’t the only thing I received but also other precious things I wouldn’t have been able to get without this conference.