TQ-Afghanistan Initiative Launched

Nadia Bahemia is a student at Doha College, and one of the pioneering delegates to develop an MUN initiative with students based in Kabul.


The QLC-Afghanistan Initiative is a project set up in collaboration with Skateistan School, an NGO for children in Afghanistan, and Mr. Peter Dalglish. This initiative has the purpose to share our knowledge about MUN at an international scale through online meetings and debating training sessions.

This Saturday was our first meeting; it was held online, between students ranging from Qatar to Taiwan, and of course Afghanistan. Our main purpose for this meeting was simply to test the technology, for communication purposes, but even this simple “try-out” meeting gave me the jitters. Being part of something so small, a few students teaching others how to debate and research, but that could eventually become the root of global change, is nerve racking! And just made us recognize that individually we are just a bleep on the radar, but together, sharing knowledge and experiences we could make history!

After a few introductions, we moved on to explaining what the use of MUN is, an inherently difficult question as many MUNer’s may know the answers to this question are endless! For the purpose of simplicity we kept to the main ones: it helps us gain confidence for public speaking, and of course allows us to make new friends, which was a large part of Saturday’s meeting!

As the students in Afghanistan were telling us, for them the most interesting part of MUN, is the ability to voice their opinion, even if it is from the point of view of the country they are representing. Along side speaking up for their generation, the students also questioned us, on what is needed to be a great leader, answers fluctuated from a great deal of confidence to specific and accurate knowledge. Ironically, I realise that this question really hit the nail on its head as this is what MUN helps us become: leaders in the making!