THIMUN Qatar Launches New Film Festival Platform

The THIMUN Qatar office recently partnered with three talented Carnegie Mellon Information Systems seniors who designed an online film festival submission program.  As part of their capstone project Sakib Mahmoud, Abdulrahman Takiddin and Prince Abraham created a new platform that will greatly ease the film submission process for filmmakers participating in the annual THIMUN Qatar Northwestern University Film Festival. The development of this new program was overseen by THIMUN Qatar’s IT Coordinator, Abhay Valiyaveettil, also a CMU graduate.


The online film submission system will allow students to seamlessly upload their films, posters and other materials directly onto the Film Festival database. In previous years film submissions were accepted via physical CD’s and flash disks. Registration forms were hand-written and then converted to digital format manually for processing.  The newly designed platform allows for all these tasks to be done seamlessly and online, making the submission process easier for the student directors around the world.

THIMUN Qatar, in partnership with Northwestern University in Qatar, organizes the annual Film Festival, now in its sixth year. Since its inception, hundreds of student-made films have been submitted for this increasingly prestigious competition. Several successful short films have emerged as a result of the event and have gained recognition internationally.  Last year over 95 films were submitted by students  from countries ranging from the United States to Singapore.  Local film maker Amal Al Muftah’s  Al-Hamali, the Festival’s 2014 Best Film recipient, is indicative of the high quality of film submissions the THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival continues to attract.

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