New Middle School Conference Announced

Hi there! I’m Adeeba, the Secretary General of the first Junior MUN conference at Qatar Academy, to be held on the 24th of April, 2015. Joining me in organizing this conference are my two deputy secretary generals, Razan El Kahlout, from Qatar Academy and Dasa Riadi from Qatar International School. Also joining the team will be Houda Kerkadi, also a Qatar Academy student who will be our Head of Admin. We’re well under way in planning our conference.

Exec Team for MSMUN conference

With approximately 100 students from both Qatar Academy and schools around Qatar, we’re preparing at least 4 committees, with additional committees to be added should the  numbers of registered delegates increase! The conference will be hosted at the  Qatar Academy campus, and the theme will revolve around Human Rights. Participating schools include Qatar Academy, Doha College, Delhi Public School (DPS), Mesaieed International School and American School of Doha.

Our four committees will be the Human Rights Commission, Environment Commission, Disarmament Commission, and ECOSOC. Our two backup committees are GA3- Social and Humanitarian Committee, and a Special Conference on Organised Crime and Drug Trafficking, in that order of priority. These committees will be entertained under the theme of the conference “Protection of Human Rights”. The chair appointments will be released in January, and our Head of Admin will be taking sign ups for our anticipated admin openings in February.

Further details will come soon. Let the excitement begin!


Setting the student officer team
Setting the student officer team






Further details will come soon!