Putting MUN Into Action! Helping students in Sri Lanka

 QA Action member, Mahum Mujeeb, gets us up to date on the work of Qatar Academy’s MUN Action Club.

skype call

QA Action is a club that focuses on a project in Sri Lanka that contributes to lasting improvements, which involves having an intellectual and emotional commitment that fosters kindness, empathy, charity, leadership and tolerance in everyone involved. It is an initiative between Qatar Academy and Eravur Educational Development Institute (EEDI), which aims to empower the children of Eravur through education in order for them to have a sustainable long-term social support for other programs that may be in the community. EEDI initially started of with around 150 students, now around 350 students under this school, show casing rapid improvement since 2007. The remarkable success of this initiative is unmistakable as our students are achieving some of the highest exam results in the area.

kids in Sri lanka!

Recently, a few Qatar Academy student’s skyped with a graduate from EEDI, who now teaches at the school. This helped everyone to better understand the current situation there and how we could support the students and build relationships with them.

Between the days of 4th January and to the 8th, Qatar Academy will be having an Eravur week, in which there will be several activities that take place such as a scavenger hunt, face painting etc. All funds earned will go to the development of the school and in helping the students in Eravur.