Our responsibility to make the change

Lama Amed is a student at American School of Doha.  Inspired by the Qatar Leadership Conference, she has gotten her school involved in a unique project in Nepal.

A pencil and paper…In our sense they are not worth much, but there are people out there who can’t even get those. Education is the key to life it’s our nature to want to know and so every human being deserves the right to. The UN has a goal to have all children everywhere girls and boys alike, to be able to complete primary school education by 2015. However, this goal sadly as we approach the year was not achieved, and this is our responsibility. I am familiar with the improper education or any at all in many if not most of the countries around the world and it has been always an issue that bugged me. So I fundraised a couple of times raised awareness; campaigns and such. However, I never experienced helping with my own hands, I always felt like it was an undoable thing and I am not old enough to travel and make project, it all seemed so far away.


But after I went to the QLC (Qatar Leadership Conference) I truly was empowered and motivated, and was ready to lead my own path. During the conference I was fortunate enough to get to hear Mr. Peter Dalglish, a man that I will never forget in my entire life. He spoke of what life is like for the children in Nepal, Afghanistan, Khartoum and other third world countries. However that was not what caught my attention because I already knew that, being an Egyptian and living in Egypt most of my life I knew what street children experienced and the poor education they received. However what fired me up was his words of encouragement; I realized that I can go out there and make my own change. I realized how blessed I am to receive proper education I felt like it was my responsibility to take an action and pass on this education, so I decided to take a step forward.

I went to Mr. Dalglish and I asked him about the ways by which I can start helping and making a small change. He was very helpful and he told me about the Nepal organization (Himalayan Voluntourism), and he gave me all the contacts I need to start taking action. Therefore I emailed him and the organization and I decided I wanted to adopt a school in Nepal. My idea is to get children to go to school and be enthusiastic about it. Many children drop out of school in less fortunate areas like in Nepal because they see it as a waste of time; they can be working and bringing in money instead. And this is because the curriculum and the teaching techniques are boring and based of memorizing, as Mr.Prabin, one of Mr. Peter’s friends, had told me, and that’s no fun! Hence, I decided I wanted to arrange a trip to Nepal with a group of students and teachers from my school ASD (American School Of Doha). The teachers will train the Nepalese teachers so that they would improve their teaching skills, and our student volunteers would be teaching the children different things like: English, math and science, in interactive ways and through activities. Also we will be bringing in different useful resources to the school to help the learning process. The plan is that we will be visiting the school every Eid and Spring break, to furthermore improve the learning process. The goal from this is to see those children get more interested in school year after year and to get them the proper education that would empower them and change their life.

The project is now I’d say is under construction; I have introduced it to my school principle Mr.Boudreau and my supervisor Mr.Crook and they are very supportive of it. Arrangements are being made and hopefully we’ll be able to pay our first visit next Eid break. The main goal from all of this is to see those children get the proper education they need to have an equal chance of becoming future global leaders as I do. Knowledge is the true treasure of life, and it is the right for each person to be provided with the proper map to find this treasure.