TQ15: Update from the Secretary General

OSama for blog post

By Osama Ghani, Secretary General for THIMUN Qatar 2015.

With just a month to go, THIMUN Qatar is really gearing up. Student officers have really been working. After finishing up their research reports, local student officers will be working with the executive team for chair training and evaluations. The admin team assignments for the conference have been completed, and they are now working on how to make the conference an enjoyable experience for all. The press team has begun training sessions, and is working towards a pre-conference publication. Meanwhile, the IT team is in the stages of development of an app for THIMUN Q. The office is working hard to get the participation booklets published and updating the MUNIS system.

Conference logistics planning is underway as well. Booking of hotels, flight coordination and buses are being finalized. Social night venues and catering services are being booked. In addition, the student officer social planning is reaching completion. Sessional speakers are being called in and booked for different committees. Closing ceremony entertainment has been booked.

Overall, it’s been a busy month for the THIMUN Qatar office, and for all student officers and support staff. All the parts seem to be falling together. The Executive Team looks forward to welcoming all participants and directors to the conference in February.