TQ15: New conference app to be unveiled

This update is brought to you by Akhil John, Head of IT for the THIMUN Qatar Conference.

Akhil QLC
Akhil (center) has been an integral part of the TQ Tech team. He is a senior at Qatar Academy.

The THIMUN application is the first official application for the event. The application was made with the sole purpose of serving the participants of the THIMUN conference be it the admin team or the chairs. The app was made with the people of the conference in mind.

The application integrates different features such as the map feature which presents to the participants a layout of the map which helps people get around the conference area with minimal confusion. Other features of the application include conference schedules with events of the day and the next days. It includes a functionality that informs the tech actions. team of any problems during the conference helping the tech team to immediately respond with the necessary. The beauty of the application is the simple aesthetics with great functionality that helps people get around and be informed. There are other features for international participants informing people about the different restaurants and the malls to be at. The application is centered to giving a great conference experience with no worries and confusions.

The applications will see further improvements including reminders, push notifications notifying the participants of the different conferences events taking place. The app will also include a rating feature which will allow the participant to rate his experience in the conference and will also allow the participant to give his or her thoughts and opinions. The application will be available in the app store at the time of January and this will be available to all. The application is made in both platforms mobile and tablet and also includes the different operating systems such as android and ios.

The goal of making an application was for the benefit for the participants of the conference. To allow them to use the app for conference purposes and outside conference purposes to enjoy the beauty that Qatar offers. The application will hopefully bring about major changes in the experience of the participants and hopefully bring about a more satisfied experience for all.