TQ-Afghanistan Initiative: Afghan delegate shares thoughts on THIMUN Qatar

Madina, one of the first students coming from Afghanistan to participate in THIMUN Qatar, checks in and shares what makes this such a special delegation.


In the last couple of years MUN youth have represented countries of the world as a real member of the UN (United Nations) and shared the important issues facing their countries. Fortunately this year youth of Afghanistan have the chance to participate in MUN representing the country of Djibouti, which is located in the horn of Africa. Afghan youth will be able to show their talents, share their opinions and also talk about their experiences in Afghanistan. This Model United Nations conferences brings students together from around the world to learn and share ideas from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds.

I had never heard of MUN before in Afghanistan, all the students in Afghanistan are just going to school, memorizing the text books that they have to do that. They don’t have any critical thinking, creativity and activities. They have a subject by the name of sport but there is no area for doing sports eve. Students don’t have the things for sport. Most of the students are going to school just because of the pushing  of their parents. If their parents don’t tell them to go to school, they are not going because they think that they are just wasting their time in school. It’s just because of the old and useless method of studies and education in schools in Afghanistan. I think it’s a big opportunity for students in Afghanistan to do MUN. when I first heard of MUN it was very exciting for me cause it was my first time doing MUN.


It has been great working with other students from around the world which is my first time doing it in our country. Doing MUN with students from different countries and deferent cultures is interesting for all Afghan students, and it will be a great experience for all of us. The much exciting and important part of MUN is that we are doing it online and siting it up by our self.

We are the only ones  doing MUN in all of  Afghanistan, and we are the luckiest of students in the country for doing this, because most of the children are working on the streets for their families to earn money for their sisters and brothers. They are not going to school; they are not having fun-just working and working.