MSMUN-Q Update: Dasa, your DSG, checking in

This post is brought to you by Dasa Riadi, Deputy Secretary General of MSMUN-Q 2015.


Hello there! My name is Dasa Riadi from Qatar International School, and I will serve as the Deputy Secretary General for Qatar’s very first MUN conference aimed at middle school students: MSMUN-Q 2015, to be held on Friday the 24th of April! Since December last year, the MSMUN-Q executive team, composed of Adeeba Ahmad (Secretary General), Razan El Kahlout (DSG), and myself have been working extremely hard to ensure that participants only receive the best experience from this conference.

One achievement was selecting our own very talented student officer team. After 6 intense weeks of executive meeting and reviewing over 40 student officer applications, we have selected 15 outstanding and capable committee chairs that will sure to fulfill our expectations. This set of talented individuals will then have to write research reports, centralizing on the theme of Human Rights, for their committee’s corresponding issues to ensure that our middle school delegates receive the same intensity, excitement and fast paced-ness of normal high school MUN conference. Additionally, we have selected 3 more chairs if the number of delegations were to increase, in which case we need to add one more committee to the conference (I hope to see the number increase sooner or later!)

After the selection process we hope to have two chair trainings (one on the 20th of February and the second one on the 13th of March), in which myself and the other two executive members will hone the chairing skills of our student officer team, where we will subject them to three hour chair training per session (good luck to them!). Our Head of Admin, Houda Kerkadi, is also working hard recruiting her trusted and witty team of admins to ensure that the management of the conference will run as smoothly as possible. Keeping this in mind, the purpose of MSMUN-Q is to develop and deepen the leadership abilities of aspiring high school students, and to open up the exciting world of Model United Nations to middle school students.

I hope to see you all support this wonderful opportunity so that hopefully next year we can further expand this conference. Stay tuned!