Qatar Academy’s MUN Club: ‘Be prepared to feel the rush…’

Basil Abdelmonim is the Head of Qatar Academy’s MUN club. He helps to oversee delegate preparation and organization for the many MUN activities that occur in THIMUN Qatar and the larger Qatar MUN circuit. With a club of well over 200 members, he has had a busy first semester. He reflects on his role, and THIMUN in particular.


We are finally prepared. Prepared to feel the rush of making a speech to a packed room, and prepared to feel our palms get sweaty when asked an unanswerable Point of Information. Prepared for the frantic experience of lobbying, prepared for the verbal battlefield that is MUN debate. Most importantly, we are prepared to experience and soak in all that this year’s THIMUN Conference has to offer us.

Over the past seven months of school, we as a Model United Nations program embarked on the journey that is THIMUN Qatar preparations. Students and prospective delegates were taught and eventually required to write Policy Statements, Opening Speeches, and Resolutions. Delegates were also taken through debate skills and shown the different ways through which to gain an edge over other delegates. This was all done under the guidance, supervision, and leadership of the all student Qatar Academy Model United Nations Executive Team.  This year’s preparation was also especially unique in the sheer volume of new students we had received both at school and in our MUN Club. Despite the numerous challenges associated with having an MUN Club that consisted mainly of newcomers to the program, this was actually a source of excitement for us all and an indication of the growing reputation and effect of MUN globally.

QA's MUN Club!
QA’s MUN Club!


MUN is crucial to many. For those taking part as delegates it is a way to make new friends and to learn skills such as public speaking and approaching people in both academic and social settings; skills many don’t even know they are missing until they are developed and come in handy. On the other hand, for those of us taking part in student leadership roles it is that, apart from learning and honing skills ourselves, we get to meet new, interesting people and get to watch others develop and grow. As QAMUN President, I am often asked, “What do you get out of MUN?” and although many expect an answer of “Community and Service” or “Resume Building”.

ready for action
Two Qatar Academy delegates, ready for action.









These two me are only small benefits compared to the aforementioned cliché, yet very authentic, benefits. I have observed many tear out of a cocoon of nervousness and stuttering only to emerge as butterflies: poised, elegant, and confident. This, in my opinion, is why we do MUN.