THIMUN Qatar: Opportunities and Empowerment

Tareq Al Hammadi is a senior at Qatar Academy. He is also one of the DSGs for this year’s THIMUN Qat

TareqA bunch of students, who haven’t even graduated high school yet, strive to solve the world’s problems. They take into account the national and ideological interests of the nations they represent, armed with the weapons of diplomacy: persuasive speeches and tough negotiations. This is THIMUN.

Some see opportunity in THIMUN, be it reporting the issues
discussed in the MUN newsletter to moving from the simulated solutions to making a real
difference by raising funds at the conference. Everyone takes something different out of it.

MUN has always been about dialogue and understanding. However in a region where
human rights activists are flogged, calls for democracy thwarted, and disagreements are
met with violence, THIMUN stands in stark contrast. THIMUN is its own utopia where
persuasion prevails over force, and where unity prevails over division.

MUN has power. It provides a forum for these ideas to come out, for bad ideas to die out
and for good ones to shine, for future leaders to gain experience in the political arena, for
negotiation and reason to triumph over violent means, For many the committee rooms are
where they can have a taste of what democracy can actually be like, and for some it means
becoming familiar for the first time with the world’s current events.

The effects of THIMUN have always been profound, though hard to quantify. Trying to
measure any enlightenment, empathy or feelings of duty that students gain from this
conference is difficult. The majority of MUN’s benefits come in the form of intellectual
skills which are hard to gauge, but THIMUN also has a plethora of well documented
achievements. From the MUN Action group which has set up a school in Euravor, to the
charities that former participants have set up, THIMUN Qatar has consistently instilled in
students a vocation to help others.

THIMUN Qatar 2015 promises to be one of the most impressive THIMUN’s yet. For the
first time ever four delegates from Afghanistan will be making their way to our conference.
These are students who have never taken part in MUN before, and will be partaking in
MUN for the first time themselves. The power of technology is fascinating as these students
will only train and prepare for this conference online through our platform called O-MUN.
Our conference has had a history of being at the forefront of technological integration. In
2014 iPads were used by delegates in the Security Council to submit clauses and
amendments in real-time. We carry on this tradition in 2015 by creating for the first time
ever, a THIMUN app.

With many more surprises to come participants should be thrilled in such a prestigious and
groundbreaking conference.