MUN in Afghanistan: lack of resources and security pose challenges for new team

Many of us take MUN for granted, but not so if you are a new delegate from Kabul. Sulaiman, one of the TQ delegates from Afghanistan, explains why MUN is important and the challenges his delegation faces in starting their MUN careers.


Afghanistan is the country which has passed three decades of war. After the war Afghans decided to rebuild their country. We started from the beginning.  We don’t have good equipment and resources,  so it is hard to do MUN at school.  There are three or four top schools which have computer labs and other facilities. The other big challenge to do MUN for us is security problems. We need to get together to do MUN but we can’t guarantee our life for even an hour. Doing MUN in Afghanistan is harder than any other country.

There are three important reasons to do MUN well. The first one is getting a lot of information, and updating yourself about world and collecting a lot of information about countries of world . The second one is inspecting those countries that have come out of big problems and that have experience solving those problems and experience is the mother of knowledge. The third basis to do MUN better is learning how to decide well for the future , because leaders are solving problems. By learning how to decide well we can find good solutions to the problems.

Students all over the world are learning other important issues and more skills beside their school; Afghan students are also trying to change the current education system and they are participating in different programs to learn hard and important issues. Skateistan and MUN are good examples of this in which students can improve their other skills.