TQ2015: Expectations

Ryian Alam is a senior at Doha College. This is her last THIMUN Qatar, where she will act as a Deputy President of the General Assembly.

It’s surreal to think that my last MUN conference is just around the corner. I started MUN back in 2010 and attended THIMUN-Q’s first conference in 2011. Since then, I have served as a THIMUN-Q delegate, Deputy Head of the Secretariat and now, Deputy President of the General Assembly. I have had the pleasure of watching THIMUN-Q blossom as well as having developed as a MUNer alongside it. In my experience, THIMUN-Q conferences have only grown more and more dynamic and enlightening, which is what motivates me even more to secure a successful conference for 2015.

What I expect from THIMUN-Q 2015 is the usual atmosphere of elegance and enthusiasm. It is always a pleasure to look on delegates and hear their insightful views on the pressing issues of our world today. Crafting your own arguments and approaching topics with a unique viewpoint are skills that are essential for our leaders of tomorrow to possess; and THIMUN-Q provides its delegates with the very encouragement, material and discipline that one needs in order to do so.

The theme of this year’s conference, the Middle East and North Africa, is one of my favourite features about THIMUN-Q 2015. I look forward to witnessing fruitful debate on issues that are relevant to not only prevailing global events, but also to the region we live in. Adopting this theme at a conference that is actually in the Middle East is a reminder of how crucial it is for us to take action and a feature that I feel will motivate delegates to approach issues with open and inspired minds.

There are a handful of new things that we have introduced to this year’s conference and are expecting nothing below the best out of, such as our THIMUN-Q phone app. This can be downloaded from the App Store and will give you full details on where you have to be, and when. It’s something that has never been done at a THIMUN conference before, which makes this year all the more magnetic. THIMUN-Q 2015 is also the first year under our new director, Ms. Lisa Martin. I speak for not only myself but the entire Executive Team when I say that working alongside Ms. Martin to organize this conference is a true pleasure. She has succeeded in reflecting THIMUN-Q’s aim of commending student ideas and involvement in her approach of leading our team, and I look forward to celebrating her first THIMUN-Q conference as director next month.