Doha Bound: Andrew Newman and THIMUN Qatar

We are honoured to have Andrew Newman, Head of THIMUN Hague’s MUNITY, in attendance at THIMUN Qatar this year. He will be assisting with our press team, AND has brought a delegation from the United States. We posed a few questions to him before he jumped on a plane to Doha!

Andrew Newman in a trademark selfie with the first THIMUN Qatar Press Team! (2011)

Why have you brought a delegation all the way from the US and what do you hope to gain from the conference?

After three THIMUN-related trips to Doha – THIMUN Qatar (TQ), QLC and the film festival -, I was impressed with the quality of the programming, the depth and sincerity of the students’ engagement, and how everyone was incredibly open and friendly.  I have dreamed of bringing a group of MUN students from John Burroughs School in St. Louis in order to share what I experienced during those three adventures.  I see it as a wonderful opportunity for them to move outside the bubble in which they live, and to have them experience for themselves a world seemingly so different from their own.  So much about what our students know about the Middle East is filtered through the lens of our media.  I see this as a wonderful opportunity to experience for themselves the culture and beauty of the region while engaging with peers with whom they have much in common.

What makes THIMUN Qatar special?

In my opinion, TQ is special because of the people it pulls together.  I believe many of the students who attend are, by less than two degrees of separation, directly affected by the topics we discuss at an MUN conference.  These issues matter in their lives.  We may simulate the UN and we may speak from the perspective of another nation, but TQ delegates speak with passion and honesty about changing their world for the better because they know it directly impacts their future.

Think you’ll be back?

As a member of the THIMUN Advisory Board in The Hague it is my responsibility to not be absent from the conference two consecutive years.  But I have no doubt, when our students return from Doha, they will impress upon our school community the amazing experience they had, and our school will work to make a return trip happen in the near future.