Girl Power

Mursal, our third delegate from Afghanistan, explains some of the challenges of low expectations for girls. MUN is a stepping stone for achieving some of her dreams!


You may have heard about Afghanistan in headlines on the news that read “There was a terrorist attack on this side or on that side of Afghanistan.” Whenever I see that I get distressed. It’s an honour for me to do MUN. It’s going to be the biggest and best opportunity for us to do MUN and experience new things and meet new people from around the people. It will help us to get near to our dreams.

In our country after thirty year war we came back to an Afghanistan where there was nothing. But comparing up to now our country has had lots of developments. These developments don’t help as much as every girl must have the opportunities. Take the security situation-every day there is a suicide attack here, which disappoints our mind and body. We are still going on to follow the dreams that we have. No matter what they are going to do with us, we are not going to give up.

MUN is a new hope for us to improve our selves and help others, like we do in Skateistan. I am sure that doing MUN is a very big experience. Like every girl I have the dream of being a business women but whenever I tell someone here they just laugh at me. I just say to them “Come on its my dream and for achieving that I will do anything.” The main problem here is that most of people underestimate power of girls. They don’t know that ”a women’s strength is a multitude of words.“ They don’t know how strong we are, but I don’t care what they do. I am not going to give up never ever!