It’s all about ADMIN!

Maisha Loveday is a long time THIMUN Qatar participant, and this year is Head of Admin, an incredibly important job in a student-run conference. She took a bit of time to share a few thoughts before the busy days of THIMUN Qatar begin!


I’ve been a part of THIMUN Qatar since the first 2011 conference, and every year it keeps getting better and better. I feel so privileged to have been a part of this event, that has been a valuable experience for all its participants, including delegates, chairs, press, admin, IT and other communities that fall under the MUN umbrella.

I remember starting out as just a regular admin, not completely sure what I was doing, and overwhelmed by the number of students that participated in the conference. Now, this year’s conference welcomes a significant amount more people to experience what THIMUN Q has to offer, including an admin team of over 80 students. Having been in their shoes not too long ago, it is important to me to that their efforts are recognized.

In the weeks leading up to the conference, my Admin Executive Team and I have been training new admins, organizing committee boxes and badges, collecting flags, creating logistic plans, and all in all ensuring that the upcoming conference runs as smoothly and safely as possible. There is a lot of planning required for the conference to be a success, and the admin staff have worked hard towards accomplishing that, and for that I’m proud of them. I also greatly appreciate all the help I’ve received from Mr. Jesse Atkins, Mrs. Angelika Kuster and Mrs. Lisa Martin, whose passion towards a successful conference has been inspirational.

It is incredible to witness just how far THIMUN has come, and how much it’s grown and improved in just three short years. Here’s hoping that this year’s THIMUN Q Conference will be the best one yet.