BayMUN 2015 a huge success

BayMUN is the first THIMUN affiliated conference in Bahrain.  Secretary General, Yusuf Jailani, shares his thoughts on this year’s conference.

This year’s Secretary General, Yusuf Jailani

If there is one extracurricular activity that will have a lasting impact on me, it is without a doubt MUN. I have been a regular participant in MUN conferences during my high-school years, and my experience with this unique system reached its zenith when I became the Secretary General of BayMUN 2015 – the first THIMUN affiliated conference in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

My experience in 2015 has allowed me to reach several new heights in terms of my character, MUN knowledge and leadership. I was the leader of the BayMUN team, which comprised of almost 25 students and 6 teachers. The teachers and students were allocated into different teams in which they worked assiduously to make the conference a success. As I worked with each of the teams, I began to gain new perspective into the art of leadership. I began to see the different ideas people could bring to the conference, and I relished the inputs of every person.

action BAYMUN

Moreover, I had grown used to being a participant in MUN’s as a delegate or chair n every pervious occasion, but BayMUN 2015 was my chance to be part of the managerial aspect of the conference, as part of the wonderful team that made this conference such a wonderful experience for all.


BayMUN is the biggest conference in the island, with this year’s MUN hosting around 500 participants from 15 public and private schools from around Bahrain. I hope, and am sure that BayMUN will only continue to excel in this unique system we call Model United Nations.