I’m Not A Slave

I'm not a slave

I am not a slave

“Admin are not slaves; they just want to help people”.

‘I prefer to called an assistant delegate’

‘Why don’t they do their own work then?!’

‘How are we slaves? We don’t even do anything.. ‘

Quote from delegate: ‘They’re slaves because they do slave work’

        The admin smiled sadly, brushing the black curls out of her face as she choked back tears.  “I am not a slave; I just want to help people.” She sobbed.  These unfortunate beasts of burden suffer constant abuse at the hands of the delegates desiring water, postal services, or human footstools.  One can identify an admins by their jarring red T-shirts, the symbols of their oppression.  They carry water and tend to the every need of entitled delegates.

        The admin team was designed as a prestigious subdivision of the delegation—a group of elite and highly experienced individuals with the capacity to help fashion perfect resolutions.  However, over time they developed into a slave labor force, summoned by rubbing a tarnished tin lamp and yelling “Hey you!”

        “This is a serious humanitarian issue,” said one admin.  “We attempt to resolve the issues of others globally, but what about us?  Serious human rights abuses are happening right here.  Our voices are not heard.  But I will speak!  I will be heard!”  She yelled, as three other admins restrained her.  Tired out, she slumped in a heap on the floor until a delegate approached, prodding her with his shoe and demanding that she bring him coffee.

By Anonymous