First Delegation of Their Nation


From skateboarding to debating, the first delegation from Afghanistan reveal their thoughts on their phenomenal THIMUN journey. Prior to their arrival at Qatar; the dedicated individuals were also part of the Super English School where they spent a couple of hours each Saturday in the company than none other than Mr. Peter Dalglish.


To begin the interview; the young delegates (Mursal Saidali, Delegate of Djibouti in GA6 and Sulaiman Sulaimankhil, Delegate of Djibouti in GA3) gushed about their happiness to be the first to be involved in THIMUN Qatar from their homeland.


“It’s great that we are going to make history, the first MUN students from Afghanistan, we feel very grateful to be able to do this” exclaimed Mursal with a smile.

 the team

This is a significant breakthrough not just for THIMUN history but for the history of the nation of Afghanistan. These incredible young individuals are a symbol of hope for all those suffering in their home country. They are a symbol of hope for all the unique individuals who are unable to attain an education.


The five delegates are eager to contribute to the debates and agree on resolutions in order to gain knowledge and experience. ‘The best part for was debating’ said Sulaiman Sulaimankhil one of the Afghan delegates, ‘It was awesome’ he added.


When asked to reflect about the main differences between Qatar and Afghanistan, Mursal Saidali and another Afghani delegate solemnly admit, ‘Qatar is a very developed country, and our country isn’t as developed, and it’s awesome to be able to roam around and skate freely’.

To conclude the interview; the pair discussed the relevance of MUN for youth and how important it is for them to get involved.



Hannah Akhtar and Habiba Sallam