THIMUN in a nutshell


THIMUN 2015 has come to an unfortunate but great finale. Delegates, directors, admins and press worked together to make this conference an unforgettable one. Participants freely revealed their outcomes from this conference, and here’s what they’ve shared.


‘This year, I have definitely grown as a person, improved on my debating skills, my confidence has boosted and I’m surely joining again next year.’

– Sara Al Thani, delegate of Thailand in GA6


‘THIMUN this year has improved a lot, people seem to more organized and I’ve talked a lot more this year which means its helping me grow as a person.’

– Noor Salem, delegate of Panama in GA6


‘It’s been great, its an interesting and exciting. I’ve learned a lot more about topics that I didn’t understand before.’

– Malcolm Ford, delegate of China in GA6


‘I’ll definitely hope to come back next year and talk a little bit more.’

– Lydia Leather, delegate of Colombia in GA6


‘As a person my public speaking has become way better than before.’

– Aliyaa Hijji, delegate of Haiti in SRCMENA

‘I’m proud to say this is my best conference so far.’

– Yahya Kayyali, delegate of India in SRCMENA

‘This is my first THIMUN conference, and I’m thinking why I’ve never joined before’

– Yousef Hamad, delegate of Finland in SRCMENA

‘Being an admin is way more fun than being a delegate, I mean you guys have to write resolutions and all that, all we do is make fun of your notes’

– Ghada Al Thani, Admin Staff