MSMUN-Q Team: more than just pretty faces

This post is brought to you by Dasa Riadi, Razan El-Kahlout, and Adeeba Ahmad, the Executive Team of MSMUN-Q 2015

Student Executive Team for MSMUN-Q 2015

“You have to be careful when writing a research report making sure they’re not too complex so it is simple and easy to follow for middle schoolers; it’s really harder than it looks”, commented Aiea Mansour, the head chair of GA3 for the upcoming MSMUN-Q 2015.  With just 2 months to go, the first annual MSMUN-Q is ready to serve some MUN mojo and flare to middle school students, along with the help of the extremely talented group of student officers from all over Qatar. After finishing up their research reports, the executive team worked for three hours straight on Friday the 20th of March at Qatar Academy with the student officer team for some intense chair training (plus chairing scenarios) and evaluation specifically aimed for middle school delegates. Of course, no chair training is complete without the help of six large boxes of pizza plus potato wedges and large bottles of fizzy drinks, and after working tirelessly for hours, the MSMUN-Q team deserves a little treat.

The admin team assignments for the conference is almost complete as and they are now working to make sure the conference runs as smoothly as possible, thanks to our excellent head of admin Houda Kerkadi, and hopefully we will have around 20 admins with three supervising each committee. Furthermore, a big great thanks to Zoe Martin-Parkinson for designing the official MSMUN-Q logo (we love you Zoe!)

Logo by Zoe Martin-Parkinson

Overall, it has been a very busy month for all MSMUN-Q organizers (Mrs Lisa Martin, the exec. Team and the student officer team alike!), but with all the hard work and effort put in, everything seems to be falling in the right place. “A mellower introduction to the MUN circuit in middle school can only help to further strengthen the already rock-solid MUN synergy in Qatar, and this in turn will only mould even better high school delegates”, mentioned Sharon John, a student from DPS-MIS serving as the deputy president of ECOSOC at MSMUN-Q. With more than 95 delegates signed up so far (we expect the number to reach 100 by the end of this week!), the executive team looks forward to welcoming all participants and directors from more than 6 different schools to the conference on the 24th of April. “I’m definitely looking forward to seeing a more dynamic future generation of THIMUN delegates in this conference”, expressed Razan El-Kahlout, the Deputy Secretary General of MSMUN-Q.

We cannot wait to see you all in this fantastic opportunity!