My ICJ Experience

Lina Maragha is a student at the American School of Doha, and a recent participant in THIMUN Qatar’s ICJ. She explains what it was like to be new to the ICJ and why she found it to be such an enjoyable experience.

ICJ 2015 in action
ICJ 2015 in action

This year, as a second year participant of THIMUN Qatar, I took part with the International Court of Justice, as an advocate for whaling in Japan. The role of an advocate is to represent a case as a team with two other fellow advocates and argue your case to the ICJ.  At first, I thought it was a lost case, defending something as vile as the killing of whales was definitely not something I could possibly win at. I was blessed to have an amazing librarian who told me to approach this with a different perspective.

We decided to add a twist to it and look at the laws that were put in place rather than the ethics and morals that were behind this case. My perspective on this modern world issue widened and I started to see both sides of it. I walked into the conference not expecting it to be half as much fun as it truly was.

From putting on robes, to rebuttals, to questioning witnesses, it affirmed my dreams of becoming a lawyer. Since the ICJ consists of a much smaller amount of people in comparison to GA committees, as a committee, we truly bonded. Over the course of the three days of the conference, I spoke to these people as if I had known them for years. They were all amazing individuals that were from all over the world.

Advocate Maragha (center) and two ICJ judges

I wanted to thank THIMUN for making this experience possible, for allowing me to connect with these lovely people that I dream of crossing paths with some day in the future. I think the ICJ was actually one of the best MUN experiences I have ever had. I highly recommend the ICJ to anyone who is interested in taking part in something extremely distinct from GA, and is willing to argue passionately about modern world issues. The ICJ is definitely something I want to take a part in again next year; it is the most exciting (in my opinion) committee at THIMUN.