Third Year Running…THIMUN Qatar 2015

 Jacob Bulbul, a junior at the American School of Doha, has moved from delegate, to chair, back to delegate at this year’s THIMUN Qatar. He shares his story.

Jacob Bulbul THIMUN 2015
The DELEGATE Jacob Bulbul

After THIMUN 2015, I had completed my third year of MUN and could not be more proud, and it was because I had done something different than the usual individual’s path through MUN. During my third year of MUN, I returned to being a delegate. After chairing twice in my second year, I missed debate a lot. Every second I was chairing, I felt myself on the edge of my seat, dying to jump into the debate. Both times I chaired I ended up representing the delegate of Antarctica in the last few minutes of debate because I felt at home on the podium, discussing and making a difference.

To analyze the experience, I must begin at my first year of MUN. After two conferences of debate, I finally became comfortable with the format; I used the word “reso” instead of resolution and knew about weird things like a moderated caucus. I felt proud of my debate achievements and broadened scope on world issues, but I was primarily excited about moving forward in MUN.

The next year, I chaired twice. I loved the leadership role I had to fill, and the way I could facilitate and manipulate debate to get the best out of my committee. People looked up to me because I respected them and they respected me, it was a good relationship. That was the most beautiful thing about chairing for me, but my love for debate allowed me to make the conclusion that I should try being a delegate again and what I can conclude from this year is interesting. My two years in MUN allowed me to draft connections and friendships with delegates, of which I could work with this time instead of chair for. It is a great experience for anyone who loves MUN, and I highly recommend it.

Being a delegate is an exceptional experience, it’s special and you can definitely notice it. The diversity of MUN is beautiful; there is so much to gain in so many different ways. As a chair, you learn how to lead, control, and aid in the development of others. As a delegate, you walk away with an improvement in speech, an increase in knowledge, and a newfound confidence. All of such, of course, with your new found friend by your side as you congratulate each other on your successful “reso”. I am glad I was able to utilize both aspects of MUN throughout my career, and look forward to the next step. I urge all of you to take every opportunity that presents itself. You will not regret it.