The OMUN Travel Team: Putting UNITED into mUn

My name is Salam Keadan, Middle East and Africa Assistant Director for THIMUN O-MUN. I had the privilege to accompany the Online Travel team to THIMUN Qatar 2015.

OMUN team
The OMUN Travel team, proudly representing Bahrain!
From Left to right (up)
Fadi Zhalka, Abdullah Naji, Noor Ashqar, Muhammad Abdullah Shafiq, Ugbad Kasim, Salam Keadan, Noor Freg and Maram Wattad.
From Left to right (down)
Moamen Kittany, Fadi Keadan, Haseeb Malik and Roza Athamny.

THIMUN Qatar 2015 was truly a great experience for many students from all around the world! O-MUN students were able to participate in their first ever Model UN conference and excel because of the training they got online before going to the conference! For many students on the Online travel team to THIMUN Qatar 2015, this was either their first Model UN conference or first international conference.


On the travel team this year, there were seven students who came from Israel, the Arab minority in Israel. For them it was a very special and unique experience.  They finally had the opportunity to work and communicate with students from all around the world, especially with fellow Arabs who came from countries that they cannot visit due to their Israeli passports. There were also five students who came from different schools in Dubai, of Indian and Pakistani nationalities, and finally a student from Qatar who joined the travel team. They made long lasting friendships during the conference and shared many memorable and funny moments. The special thing about the Online Travel Teams is that it brings people with different backgrounds and cultures and put them on the same team! They met face to face for the first time at the conference after months of working together online and then they become really good and close friends.

comittee arabic_

Maram Wattad representing Bahrain in the Arabic committee

As a Director of the Online Travel Team alongside Ugbad Kasim from Somaliland, THIMUN Qatar 2015 truly was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had. What makes it this memorable, of course, is the awesome delegation! I will never forget the times we spent together sharing different aspects and stories about our lives! Thank you very much for the great team that made this conference unforgettable.

Special thanks to Ms. Lisa Martin for making this possible in the first place. <3

Here are what some of the delegates had to say about their experience:

Haseedb Malik: (Bahrain-GA6) “Debating has always been a passion and finding O-MUN as a platform to attend THIMUN Qatar 2015 was more than pleasing. I made some amazing friends along the way, captured a lot of memories and shared a lot of stories.I cherish every moment and every words exchanged with my fellow O-MUN members. I was extremely delighted to meet miss Lisa Martin an inspiring, hardworking and passionate individual. I am more than delighted to be a member of OMUN, and look forward to more experiences with it.”

lisa with team

Noor Freg: (Bahrain-Environmental Commission) “The days that I spent during THIMUN Qatar were the best days of my life, I’ve got to know many wonderful,  amazing and inspiring people, I made new friends and new family , THIMUN Qatar was and will be the best thing that happened to me. It made me more confident and a stronger delegate and I hope that I’ll get the chance to return to this place again.”

Abduallah Naji: (HRC 2): Being an O-MUN member for quite a while now, it was of true honour to be representing it in a conference like THIMUN Qatar 2015. MUN has always been the activity I resort to outside of my study life, it gives me happiness knowing that I can help make a positive impact for the world we live in through the resolutions we write and debate. In the THIMUN Qatar conference, I’ve met many great people who I’ve now built relationships with. Additionally, I had the opportunity to finally meet Ms Lisa Martin, a super – inspiring individual who just simply loves what she does, and that motivates whoever’s around her. I overall had a surreal experience in the conference, it was quite frankly the most fun I’ve had in an MUN conference. Ever!

OMUN gang 

Fadi Keadan: (Bahrain-GA3) “It was an amazing trip, I really had fun because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and my dream came true by visiting Qatar. I am so happy and glad that I got the chance to visit this country. THIMUN Qatar was a great experience for me, I asked many questions, learned a lot and met many new people with different cultures and backgrounds. I was really proud of myself for being part of the online travel team. I was and still very happy about this wonderful opportunity. And I will always try to come back.”

Noor Ashqar: (Bahrain-GA2) “THIMUN Qatar was AMAZING. I loved it so much like the othedid; it was an experience without any imperfections. And it inspired me with more information and more courage, I hope that I can have the same chance again and join the conference because it means a lot to me”