The memory that is TQ 2015

 Jayesh Kaushik was President of THIMUN Qatar’s Disarmament Commission. He is a student at DPS Dubai and traveled with the OMUN travel team and reflects here on TQ 2015.

Jayesh chairing in his committee

THIMUN Qatar 2015 was like the slow dream you wish never ends, and when it does, you sometimes end up feeling so emotional that your response becomes quite the opposite – emotionless. As I boarded my plane back to Dubai, I couldn’t help but feel bothered that I wasn’t tearing up or experiencing this ever-popular “Post THIMUN Depression” that everyone seemed to be complaining about. Yes, I totally wished it hadn’t ended, but I really didn’t feel that strong wave of emotion. Days passed, and I adjusted back to my normal life pretty easily, still no sign of missing THIMUN Qatar.


Then one day, as I was organizing my files, I came across this note from a delegate in my committee, it wasn’t a special note or anything, and I really don’t know why that note out of all others was in my file, all it said was – “Hey Chair, what time’s lunch?” I smiled, fondly remembering – out of ALL things – the lunch breaks.

Slowly, it all started to hit me. The fun Student Officer training, getting to QNCC at 6.30 am every morning and then complaining when nobody else had showed up, walking into my committee with that sense of delight, laughing at funny speeches and yes, even banging my gavel with joy as we broke for lunch everyday. All the amazing time I had with my delegation came back to me too, from long and tiring bus rides each day after the conferences, to the fun bus rides, where we sang and laughed and clicked a thousand pictures. And as cliché as this may sound, this trip gave me a chance to bond with some of the best people I’ve ever met. The list is endless, from excellent delegates and admins, funny student officers, executive team members and of course, my entire delegation – each and every one of you has given me something that I shall never forget.

As I sat there, grateful for this unexpected -albeit late- delivery of fond memories, I felt thankful and sad at the same time – grateful for an experience so special yet sad that it all had to end.

Thank you THIMUN Qatar 2015.