Film Institute Recap

Mohammed Al Malek, Film Institute Executive Officer gives a recap of TQ’s unique committee focused entirely on film.

THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival strives to provide support to students by featuring the Film Institute, which is led by student officers and instructors with a filmmaking background. The Film Institute offers educational opportunities and cinematic skills for both filmmakers and film enthusiasts to broaden their knowledge of art and appreciate the power of film.


Over the period of two and a half days delegates at the Film Institute have been hard at work creating four fantastic documentaries. The documentaries were based on the topic of “How students can make a difference through the Thimun Qatar Conference”. Out of the four high quality films that were created by groups of two, one was chosen as the winning film and was screened in the closing ceremony of the conference.

The delegates were very confident once they got their hands on the video cameras, and they all were looking forward to learning all the skills needed to create their documentaries. And to help the delegates, we invited the Qatari filmmaker Fahad Al-Kuwari. He gave the delegates a brief workshop where he outlined the important aspects to be considered while filming.

After all the delegates finished editing their four documentaries, it was a hard decision for us to choose the winner since all the films were outstanding. After having a discussion with the executive team, it was decided that the winner of the four was Raghad Al-Sulaiti and Zainah Al-Aker’s film. 

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