HIAMUN granted THIMUN affiliated status

HIAMUN, Hayah International School’s Model UN conference, in New Cairo, Egypt, was granted THIMUN affiliated status after this year’s 2015 conference. The conference embodied all of the key elements of a THIMUN program, including strong student leadership and a meticulous adherence to THIMUN rules and procedure. The veteran student executive team was led by Secretary General, Mohamed Sabry, and Deputy Secretary General, Omar El Shahidi.


 Opening Video for HIAMUN 2015

Over 200 students from schools throughout greater Cairo attended three days of lobbying and debate, including an ICJ, Arab League, three GA committees and ECOSOC.  The cultural evening, held on the second evening, featured the extremely popular Egyptian group, Cairokee , met with incredible enthusiasm by attending delegates.


One can catch a glimpse of HIAMUN action in the press team’s Day 2 and 3 videos below.


The THIMUN Foundation recognizes conferences through its affiliation process, evaluating conferences on 12 standards including institutional/school support, leadership structure, rules and procedure, internationalism, facilities, guest services, communication and finance. HIAMUN received high marks across the board, a testament to the strategic planning the club has undertaken from its inception.

Congratulations to the HIAMUN Team for putting on an outstanding MUN conference!