My Dreams

One of our TQ delegates from Afghanistan, Mursal, reflects on what THIMUN Qatar meant to her and how it is helping her achieve her dreams.

Mursal at the Museum of Islamic Art’s library

It wasn’t always this way … I started out trying to achieve my dreams when I saw my country in a bad economy situation and try to find way to help my own people, specially girls. Suddenly I try to plan my life even I was very small, but I tried to do something and I thought if I plan my life to help them, at least I could calm myself. Then I joined Skateistan; when I entered Skateistan I saw that this is the place that  I have planned to do in future so … I got very happy! Here there is a resource that is helping those poor kids who work in streets; in short Skateistan helped me to get loads of new connections with new people-like Mr. Peter Dalglish. He is an inspiring person he always tries to find new opportunities for youth. He found MUN and suggested us to try this. And then five students of Peter (four of them  Skateistan members including me, Rahmat, Sulaiman and one of Peter’s students) went with us to Doha, Qatar to do Model United Nations.

Mursal and group


Every country was representing another country and we were representing Djibouti, a small  African country. On the last day of THIMUN Qatar  we had a press conference; everyone was asking questions us about Afghanistan about Skateistan about how we feel that we are first delegates from Afghanistan in first I was very nervous about that how to deal with them  but when it started, so it became very easy for me everyone were very good with us their manners the way that they talk with us I never expected that , I could say that it was a fantastic experience for me in fact for all of us to find new friends, meet new people from around the world. I would say that it was the greatest journey in my life that I have ever had!



And then we got our certificates from Qatar Academy for our roles as future leaders of Afghanistan that was the best part. It was an amazing feeling and the special thing was that we met Ms. Lisa Martin. She is an awesome, inspiring lady for me and every girl who has the dream of helping others. Before we came to Qatar she helped us a lot to feel comfortable meeting her and others she helped us to find contact with other students around she impress me a lot and I really enjoy meeting everyone in Qatar specially Ms. Lisa Martin. We got lots of experience during this conference besides; it’s just like achieving my goals -it helped me to get nearer to my dreams!

By Mursal