Up through the ranks

Patrick Arevalo recently served as a Student Officer at THIMUN Qatar. A student from Mesaieed International School here in Qatar, he reflects on the doors TQ has opened for him, and the confidence he has gained throughout the THIMUN journey.

Patrick, second from right, with fellow Mesaieed students at THIMUN Qatar 2015

From a clueless delegate intimidated by the intense atmosphere of a committee room to being the President of Mesaieed International School, Model United Nations has provided nothing but opportunities to climb the ranks.

It was Winter 2013 when I was preparing for my first ever conference, which was DCMUN. I was, to be honest, scared. I was scared of the unknown; I was scared to step out of my comfort zone. In an effort to combat this, I spent countless hours trying to perfect my operative clause on the security of diplomats and diplomatic missions, writing, re-writing, and re-thinking everything in that one clause until I was satisfied and I know it was impenetrable and no one can ever debate against a clause like that.

When the time came for our merged resolution to be debated, my clause was struck out by the delegate of Qatar by quite of an overwhelming majority.

I sat with my head down for the rest of the day. The head chair of my committee, Osama Ghani, gave me words of reassurance. Still, I tried participating to the very best of my ability and was nominated as a Best Delegate. This gave me hope to pursue greater things in MUN.

A series of doors started to open in front of me, all of which I took hesitantly at first due to the void of the unknown that surrounded them: a student executive officer position in the early development of MISMUN, a spot to participate in the Qatar Leadership Conference 2014, a position as an advocate in the ICJ of DCMUN 2014, finally, a position as a Student Officer in THIMUN Qatar 2015. It turns out that these doors to the unknown are what shaped me into becoming a well-rounded individual in and outside of school life, they changed my view of the world into something bigger than what I can ever imagine, they helped my rise through the ranks in the MUN community.

Human Rights Commission 1
Human Rights Commission 1

Just over  a year later, I walked in the halls of Qatar National Convention Centre as Deputy President of HRC1, a Student Officer, with the life-changing experiences behind me: a Delegate, a QLC participant, a DCMUN advocate, a President of MISMUN.

My journey through the ranks will not stop; the unknown will always be an opportunity for me.

By: Patrick Raymond Arevalo