AISMUN 2015 Recap

AISMUN in Cairo is one of the oldest THIMUN-affiliated conferences in the Middle East. The MUNification press team at American International School, led by Malak Sekaly and Sara Elmessiry, gives us this recap of AISMUN 2015.


This is now the 25th consecutive year that students will proudly add ‘attending AISMUN’ on their list of high school memories. The American International School of Egypt established AISMUN in 1991; since then it has grown to be the largest student-led organization in AIS as well as one of the most respected conferences in Egypt and the Middle East. The Model United Nations is much more than an extracurricular activity people participate in for the mere purpose of having a more impressive college application; MUN is a lifetime experience that truly does develop valuable skills. AISMUN’s essential purpose is to give high school students a glimpse of the real world. We here at AIS strive to create high school graduates who are critical thinkers and visionaries.

Christopher Hitchens once said “The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks”. This is exactly what AISMUN offers its participants: a chance to think outside of the box of conformity and conventionality. With eight wonderful forums, a well-organized secretariat, and an astonishing media team, AISMUN offers an experience that people cherish. I can undoubtedly speak for almost everyone who’s attended AISMUN before and say that it’s truly one of the best experiences high school has to offer.


The theme of AISMUN this year is liberty, independence, and the transfer of powers within nations. Our slogan is Spreading the Wings of Freedom. All forums have collectively chosen to discuss topics and issues that coincide with the theme and emulate the slogan. With issues ranging from the GA’s “Rise of violent actions against Islam and Arabs” to the discussion of the Ukraine conflict in the Security Council, AISMUN truly does have much to offer.

The Secretary General and everyone participating in this AISMUN conference hopes to see possible solutions to the wide range of issues at hand. For years now AISMUN has been a THIMUN affiliated MUN conference. Undoubtedly, this is something everyone at AIS takes pride in. There are countless prestigious conferences around the world that are affiliated with THIMUN such as Berlin MUN, Rome International MUN, and St. Andrews MUN. Keeping AISMUN amongst such respected conferences is something we strive to maintain. There are many great benefits to being a THIMUN affiliated conference. Firstly, assistance is offered from the THIMUN office in the setting up and organizing process. Also, it provides accreditation from the world’s foremost international Model United Nations. And it provides the opportunity of sharing knowledge between great minds of both teachers and students.

AISMUN Jr committe

One might wonder what the purpose of MUN is. There are innumerable benefits. Pages and pages couldn’t do justice to the extent to which MUN is beneficial. MUN promotes interest and support for working later for the United Nations. It also promotes interaction and dialogue between young people with different nationalities, cultures, and perspectives, which allows for wonderful exposure of people from around the world. One of the main keys of success is allowing for different perspectives to work with one another. One resolution is not the same as many resolutions merging together to offer the best possible solutions. Hence, MUN truly does tackle the significance of the formation of decisions based on global perspectives.

Another great benefit of MUN is that it brings to light many important issues and conflicts that people often neglect. This provides participants at AISMUN with a wider scope of the world beyond rigid textbooks and fixed rubrics. No amount of words can emphasize the extent to which AISMUN is an unforgettable experience. Not only does it develop extraordinary skills that people take with them outside the walls of the forums, but it also brings people of different mindsets and perspectives together and offers the chance to merge such different mindsets together to form outstanding solutions to prevalent issues.

One can never put the memorable experience MUN offers into words and so it is important for everyone to join an MUN conference and witness it first-hand. As Deputy President of the International Court of Justice at AISMUN, I can speak for myself and for everyone else and say that I am proud to be a participant in the American International School of Egypt’s 25th Model United Nations conference.