Bahs e mewa wa sabzijaat: BD’s Fruits and Vegetables activity goes to Kabul

Many MUN delegates have been exposed to the classic Best Delegate activity “Fruits and Vegetables”. But we are pretty sure this is the first time it’s ever been done in Afghanistan. And in Dari.  The MUN club being run at Skateistan held its fourth meeting today, and by all reports, it was a fun debate. We asked the club leaders to share some insight into the debate and what the delegate’s reaction to the activity was.


Rahamt starts off the meeting, and explains the Fruits and Vegetables activity.
Rahmat starts off the meeting, and explains the Fruits and Vegetables activity. Samir is ready to help.

What did students say when you told them they were going to do a debate about fruits and vegetables? It sounds crazy.

Mursal: At first they were confused about what kind of debate is this fruits and vegetables debate was about and they were very curious about it. They were asking us to give them information about this. They really liked it and they did a fantastic job as their  very first debate.

Delegates ready to begin debating
Students working in groups
Students working in groups


Why was the debate was not done in English, why you decided to do it that way and why it was successful?

Mursal: We didn’t do our debate in English; instead we did it in Dari because it was their first debate. It would be a little difficult for them to do two challenges at the same time (debate in English and doing their very first debate). Some of our top students presented their speech in English and some of presented their speech in Dari. But next week they will debate in English.

Were delegates shy?

Rahmat:  I think in this session there were no shy delegates. Whoever is being shy we helped to make the  debate easy for him. And the very good way to increase their confidence  was to practice in front of a mirror.

Speech time!
Speech time!


What part of the activity did students find difficult and why?

Mursal: Well they don’t have much difficulty in doing debate on fruits and vegetables: it became more easy for them when they did in Dari and we didn’t insist them to do the debate in English because it was their very first debate. Next week they are going to do this debate in English.


What was most memorable about this debate?

Rahmat: The  memorable thing for me was that this was the first class ever I had that all the students wrote and gave their speeches in front of all the other students. That was really great.Meeting4_6

 A big congratulations to our Afghanistan team in their first debate: بحث میوه و سبزیجات! Applause is definitely in order.