Film Fest 2015: Best Editing Award

The THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival’s award for Best Editing was given to Charlie Cracknell’s Safe Driving Saves Lives. This is Cracknell’s second award in as many years, having won last year’s Best Junior Film category. The film has garnered some international press, having been picked up by police stations in Portugal, driving schools in Hyderabad, as well as lots of great press at home in Dubai, as the links below show.


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Connector Magazine Dubai

We caught up with Charlie and asked him a few questions about the film.

What inspired you to make this film?

I really wanted a topic that would have a real world impact but found nothing to inspire me until I saw a woman driving recklessly. She was texting whilst driving with her children in the car who were not even wearing seatbelts! I later researched a bit more about texting whilst driving and found that it was not just a major problem in the gulf regions but also all around the world.

What were some of the technical challenges you faced when making your film?

Since I had never done a serious advocacy film before, I found it challenging because it was a different style of filmmaking than I was used to. I was completely out of my element as I usually make comedies and mockumentaries. It was also particularly difficult filming as I was really ill on the day and my actors were only available on that one day so I had to make do with the time I was given.

 What did you learn while making this film? About the subject, about the craft of film making, or about yourself?

I am now more aware of the dangers on the road. This competition made me reflect on my current skills and has made me want to further develop them and also experiment with more genres.

 Have you become inspired to make more advocacy films in the future? Why or why not.

Definitely! Am already thinking about what I can do for my next film!

 What was the BEST think about the film festival?

I had such a fantastic time last year so was very keen to return and I was very excited to be selected again! I made so many new friends and learnt a lot from watching the other films. I also liked spending time with fellow filmmakers and talking shop!



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Drive Live 1 – 30.03.2015  mention @ mins 1:41 to 2:48, interview @ mins 18:36 to 23:55

Drive Live 1 – 06.04.2015

Best Editing mention @ mins 7:06 to 8:47

 Drive Live 1 on 8th March. Mention is from 8:53 to 10:12

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Charlie receiving his award
Charlie receiving his award