Film Fest 2015: Best Cinematography

The winner for Best Cinematography was a slightly more experimental film by Turkish Director, Ibrahim Furkan Ozcan for Blind Owl. Ozcan was not able to attend the Gala Awards dinner. The award was accepted by Omar Al Hammadi, on his behalf.

We asked Ibrahim a few questions about his film:

What inspired you to make this film?

The city I lived (Istanbul). It is so crowded and people are so unhappy. They are looking for alternatives of everything, each other and Istanbul.  Then I came up with an idea. Madness is the alternative of normal. And I believe that we, people, are bored of being normal.

 What did you learn while making this film? About the subject, about the craft of film making, or about yourself?

Well, first of all I learned I shouldn’t be afraid of taking a film. It is not hard as it seems.

 Have you become inspired to make more advocacy films in the future? Why or why not.

Yes exactly, because it is a great way to express myself. It makes me feel doing something important. I can say that it is the alternative of doing normal stuff, for me.

And as I said before, we are all looking for alternatives.

Ibrahim Furkan_Ozcan_Poster