Afghan Delegates off to TASMUN

My name is Murtaza Hamra and I am from a middle class family in Kabul. I was always looking for an opportunity to go oversees and meet different people from different cultures and different societies. So it was a shocking moment when Mr. Peter Dalglish told me that I am going to have a trip to  Taipei, to Taiwan for the TASMUN (Taipei American School of Model United Nations) conference.

Murtaza prepping with fellow delegates for the TASMUN conference.
Murtaza, center,  prepping with fellow delegates for the TASMUN conference.

At first I thought this conference will be easy but when I researched about MUN conferences, it was completely different than I expected. At first it was difficult for me to get ready for the TASMUN, because I didn’t know what are opening speech, policy statement and resolution. But my friend Samir Khairzada also my partner for the TASMUN, who got an opportunity to attend THIMUN in Qatar in Feb 2015,  He really helped me to get ready for the TASMUN And if he wasn’t then I was nothing so I am grateful from my friend Samir Khairzada.  It’s really a life changing opportunity for me and my family, now I can see my future so clearly. I am super excited about Taiwan, it’s my first trip to the abroad, and yes this trip will be completely changing my life.

Thanks from the Model United Nations for providing such conferences to the international students to prove to the world that we can also bring some changes. And share our thoughts to improve the world, I am very excited because I had always seen presidents and other high authorities in conferences but never experienced it in real, because I didn’t attend any other conference, but now this conference is going to teach me lots of things. I am a little bit nervous also because it’s my first trip and first conference and at the same time I am very excited also coz I am going to give my best at the conference and rock the stage.