Getting your film out there

Charlie Cracknell, winner of the Best Editing award, has been very successful in getting his film out into the larger community. He offers some suggestions on how filmmakers can do the same. See the Safe Driving Saves Lives page for links to the outlets that picked up the story.

Connector Magazine Dubai

I was very lucky to have gotten a lot of press for my film. It was difficult at first but I did not let that stop me.

I tried sending a couple of emails out myself but it did not seem to have any effect- I think this is because coming from a kid it may not have been taken so seriously.

I then decided to ask my parents to send the letters out from themselves and that seemed to work better. However my parents were not going to let me have a free ride. They insisted that I do the research and decided where and who I would like to send the press releases out to.

Here are some specific, step by step ideas that you can take to get your film recognized:

First thing I did was send the press release to my school for it to be added to the school newsletter.

Next I chose 5 local newspapers and wrote to them. I sent it to the general email address which you can get on their websites. I was told that these get sent on to the relevant departments. I ended up with 1 interview from this.

After this, I decided on magazines. I chose magazines that had interests in the community and what residents were doing. I was lucky to get 4 magazine write ups!

Then I got an idea to just google the subject of my film. A lot of companies, organizations and websites came up. This bit was most successful for me. I wrote to quite few of these and most of them came back with very positive responses and added the press release to their websites and/or social media pages. This then spiraled and I found that other similar organizations were picking it up too. I had an email saying that my film was mentioned on the radio so I wrote to them and they invited me to do an interview for their program!

Finally I set up a google alert so that anytime my name or my film was mentioned on any website or publication, I would get an email.

In total we sent  19 press releases. Most of them were very positive but there were also a few no replies. In addition to newspapers and magazines, I also sent it out to organizations and NGOs with similar interests. Timing was also a big factor as it was GCC Traffic Week so the film and press release was picked up by some more media which included a local radio station where I had 3 mentions and a live interview!

It was great fun looking out in the press for mentions!