DPS to launch OMUN Qatar

This post is brought to us by Ganeshkumar Ashokavardhanan, a grade 11 MUN Aficionado from DPS Modern Indian School in Qatar.

Lisa and DPS


Ms. Lisa Martin, the head of THIMUN Qatar and founder of the Online Model United Nations (OMUN) visited DPS Modern Indian School on 28th of April ‘15 to have an interactive session with the passionate MUN delegates of the school. She shared her views on how one must participate in MUN and how students can make the best out of it. She narrated her journey of creating OMUN and the various challenges that she faced in this process. She also advised the students not to think of MUN as a competition but as an enlightening journey filled with collaboration, learning and inclusiveness.  OMUN and THIMUN are at the forefronts of carrying these ideals forward but she also emphasized the importance for every member of the audience to follow and propagate these ideals.

OMUN has been connecting people all over the world and countelss people have benefitted from. The mission of OMUN is to empower students all over the world to act as leaders and bridge builders, to learn and connect with individuals different from themselves and to network on a global scale. She advised them to collaborate with others while quenching one’s zeal for finding solutions to the world’s problems.

She acknowledged the immense contribution of Ms. Marie Luthra, the DPS MUN Director for encouraging the students to participate actively in MUN. She explained how the MUN aficionados of DPS MIS can work together to develop a DPS MIS OMUN program to benefit all students of the school. She also affirmed that this program would eventually lead to the creation of a large OMUN Qatar Program. The benefits of this program are multifarious, each of which will hone various aspects of the students’ skills.

Finally, she gave the students valuable advice to become better leaders by assuming the role of connectors. By connecting people to develop ideas, one becomes a leader worth following. The audience felt enthusiastic, energized and inspired to be a part and parcel of the OMUN Qatar program.