QA Sidra makes MUN Debut!

Qatar Academy Sidra made their Model United Nation’s debut at the MSMUN-Q conference on April 25th.We asked these first time delegates what they thought of the experience, what they learned, and what they feel their accomplishments were.

QA SIdra

What were the most enjoyable parts of the conference?

  • The most enjoyable part was meeting the group members and working together on the resolution. (Leena)
  • The most enjoyable parts of the MUN conference were probably the times when your resolution passed or you convinced someone to vote for your resolution. (Jewel)
  • The pizza and break times. (Sarah)

What were the most challenging parts of the whole experience?

  • To talk in front of everyone on microphone and making allies with other countries. Also not using personal pronouns is hard (Sarah)
  • The most challenging part would probably be when you had to speak in front of so many people and convince them. (Jewel)
  • The most challenging parts were if you made an amendment that didn’t seem popular you sort of had to fight for it to get passed or in my case it didn’t. (Sundus)

Would you do MUN again and why?

  • I would go to MUN again and invite somebody else to MUN because it teaches you how to debate which could become in handy also it teaches you about global problems which can be very helpful and educational to learn how to solve them. (Sarah)
  • I would do MUN and encourage others to do it because it really increased my confidence after I gave my opening speech. Now know how MUN works, and I can participate more in next year’s conference. (Sapheya)
  • I think a lot of people should join MUN because it’s a great learning experience and there are so many committees. You could choose whatever sparks your interest. (Jewel)

Did you learn anything about yourself that surprised you?

  • I discovered that after I spoke on the podium the first time and got over it, I was actually very calm and composed in public speaking, while I initially thought that I would make a big mess of myself on stage. (Sundus)
  • I’m usually talkative; believe it or not but when it came to speaking in front of people I was terrified. (Leena)
  • I have the capability of talking in front of everyone on the microphone (Sarah)

Do you feel you have grown or changed as a result?

  • Yes I definitely felt like I grew and became more knowledgeable. It made me a lot more confident in myself. (Jewel.)
  • I feel I have become a little (only a LITTLE) more confident in speaking in public. (Sapheya)

What do you need to work on for the future?

  • I think I need to work on listening skills, and I want to increase my knowledge on world organizations because they will inevitably come up in the debates. (Sapheya)
  • I probably need to try to learn how to have confidence (like I’ve said a million times) because it’s a huge skill that everyone will need in the future. (Leena)
  • Thinking about the other person’s position before responding (Sundus)

Congratulations to the QA Sidra team for doing such an outstanding job at their first Middle School conference. We look forward to having more Sidra student’s involved in the future.