MSMUN-Q: A huge success!

 This story is brought to you by Nour Ahmed, Outreach Coordinator for QAMUN.

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On the 25th of April, Qatar Academy hosted its first annual Middle School Model United Nations conference. The aim and goal of the newly founded conference is to educate the younger generation on MUN and the process of debating in hopes of establishing well rounded and educated future leaders.


The conference was a great success with the participation of students from Doha College, Mesaieed International School, DPS- Modern School, Awsaj Academy, Qatar Academy, American Community School, Qatar Academy Sidra, Sherborne, Newton International School and Qatar Academy Al Khor, a total of 11 schools. Although the conference was quite short, time was not an issue. The day started off at 8:30 AM with lobbying between students before the opening ceremony, which was followed by two rounds of debates and concluded with the closing ceremony. The Secretary General of MSMUN-Q  (as well as the upcoming THIMUN 2016 conference), Adeeda Ahmad believes, “MSMUN-Q brought out the best in the future generation and encouraged them to become global citizens.” Razan Kahlout, the Deputy Secretary General (and this year’s Secretary General of the Qatar Leadership Conference ) also stated, ” I was more proud when a middle school student approached me at school just to tell me that her MUN experience was amazing – that’s when you know you’ve actually inspired  youth. I hope our success is reflected in the growth of Middle School MUN programs all around Qatar next year.”

Delegates in Action
Delegates in Action

Dhikshitha Gokul, a chair at the conference expressed, “I  truly think that the middle school students were privileged to have taken place in such a conference that educated them at a young age. I wish I had the opportunity to have done so when I was their age.”

Press team
Press team!

Based on all the feedback from the conference, it is fair to say that MSMUN-Q was a success, and which has shone a light of innovation on the future of QAMUN and Model United Nations as a whole.