High School Counselor Reflects on Model UN

 Robert Fronk is a college and academic counselor at Qatar Academy Doha. He recently attended the MSMUN-Q conference and witnessed a student run MUN event first hand.  He shares his thoughts, from a counselor’s perspective, on the importance and power of MUN for the students he works with.

When I started this blog to describe my observations of the MSMUN conference—I wanted to know what my word count was because I knew the number of superlatives I would use to describe the conference would be vast.  To say that I was impressed would be a huge understatement.  From  my perspective, everything about the event was outstanding.  From the student delegates, to student administration, to the student delegate chairs,  I felt like I was watching and listening, in many cases to future Presidents, Educators,  Doctors,  Teachers, CEO’s, Professors, Prime Ministers, Lawyers, Barristers, Judges, and other future leaders of tomorrow.

Clearly, the magnitude, size and scope of such an event does not happen overnight.  The organization and efficiency in which the conference was run was first rate.  The requirements asked of the delegates in terms of demonstrating respect, sessions starting promptly and on time, professional attire, speaking with time limits and staying on point, could well be used as a model for many professional organizations, and to think this was run by middle and high school  students is amazing.

I realize this is all part of the MUN model in terms of  training, and how it is run, but to see such young people so knowledgeable, engaged, articulate and respectful of a process was just wonderful to witness.  The issues debated and discussed are real and so it was  inspiring to see the participants address these issues in such a mature and informed manner.

From my vantage point, MUN allows students to grow personally, educationally, academically and perhaps stretch outside of their comfort zone.   As a senior school counselor working with  college bound students, I have encountered numerous students who have indicated that as a result of participating in MUN, it helped improve their self-esteem, public speaking, confidence, leadership capability, as well as overcoming their shyness.  After observing this conference, I can see why.

This was my first MUN conference, and while it was just a day long conference,  I walked away thoroughly and totally impressed.  I most definitely applaud, admire and congratulate all those who participated. It was obvious that weeks and months went into the planning and preparation.  

Mr. Fronk, M.Ed

Senior School Counselor

Qatar Academy