A salute to Kay Mitchell

Kay Mitchell, a teacher at Qatar Academy Doha, has been instrumental in the development of an exceptional service project, having worked tirelessly for the benefit of the young people of Eravur, in eastern Sri Lanka. She has mentored and led Qatar Academy students in their own journeys of service and commitment to internationalism, helping young people in Doha to make a difference in the lives of others. Her years of work have not gone unnoticed, as the comments below can attest to.  And as Kay begins a new journey to a new job in Japan, we take this time to pay tribute to the wonderful Kay Mitchell!




Dynamic school communities have positive leaders and teachers, and over her tenure at QA – Doha Kay Mitchell typified this type of teacher-leader. She is bright, articulate, and demonstrates a positive attitude. She is supportive of her colleagues and students, while making challenging decisions when she knew that student learning may be impacted.

Kay (along with Cameron Janzen) was the driving force behind the success of QA Action Team which bolstered and supported the work of the Eravur Education Development Institute in Sri Lanka.  As a result of her efforts over the past several years, the lives of many of adults and students from the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka have changed for the positive for many years to come. We wish Kay only the best as she continues the work of a servant-teacher-leader in Japan at the beginning of the 2015 – 2016 school year.

Dr. Eric Sands, Director Qatar Academy – Doha

Presenting diplomas at the most recent EEDI graduation ceremony.

Kay Mitchel has been instrumental in developing EEDI since the beginning. Kay’s understanding of sustainable development and passion for developing community leadership were key elements in shaping this project. Kay was always mindful of the importance of involving the local community and their needs assessment with every decision.

As important as Kay as been to the administrative aspect of the project, her true gift has been in her passion in developing student leaders both at QA and Eravur. Every year Kay took a small group of committed students and pushed them to new heights. She has a clear commitment to students and a desire for our two communities to learn from each other.

There are so many stories to tell about Kay and how she changed students lives. Kay will not be remembered by her students because of the school they built or the project they helped fund, but because she always brought out the best in them.

Cameron Janzen, Former Head of THIMUN Qatar


I take great pride in writing this in appreciation of Kay’s contributions and untiring efforts in support of EEDI and the key role she had undertaken to bridge both QA & Eravur communities. Her pivotal roles in terms of guiding the QA Action team over the past years, Eravur community and the needy are much appreciated. It is through her support and others like Janzen Cameron, Gregory Hedger, Jennifer Parentuau, Pauline Markery, Paula Brunining, Joneen Walker, Lisa Martin, Jesse Atkin, Dr. Eric Sands and other QA Members, that we are able to find ways to help the poor.

The EEDI is indeed proud of you Kay that you have offered a lot of help to the poor by providing assistance to the needy.

On behalf of the Eravur Communities, I am indebted to express my debt of gratitude to you for standing with the EEDI at all times to help those in need in deed.

I thank you very much in deed for all the support and cooperation and contribution always extended to me and for having given light to hundreds of needy lives.

Ansar Mohamed T.S, Founder EEDI

School opening, 2011

It’s great to see so many people here to honor our good friend and teacher, KAY MITCHEL. Even though we are of many different ages and have all kinds of jobs and interests, it is certain that we all have one thing in common: our admiration of a woman who never quits until the job is done.  That woman, of course, is Kay Mitchel.

I’ve known Kay Mitchel for about 3 years   and we all know something else about Kay.  She doesn’t just look around and see things that need attention. She takes action. We all see the same things that Kay sees. There are jobs that need to be done, problems that need to be solved. And as we look at those and think about our busy lives, we most likely say to ourselves, “Somebody will take care of that.” We mean well but we just don’t get around to doing anything.

Kay is the person who does something.

When we look at this EEDI – which was only a dream five years ago – many of us were in that old EEDI that said “We really do need a place where poor students can meet, where children can study after school and where the destitute can be supported by the institute in multitude ways.  Somebody needs to do something.”

Well, that somebody was Kay. She saw possibilities where the rest of us saw need. She saw opportunity where the rest of us saw problems. She didn’t say, “Let somebody else do it.”  She said, “I’ll take that on.”

With the hustle of everything, Kay started talking and RAISING MONEY with the support of dearest students of Qatar Academy. All Kay’s talk and enthusiasm gave the rest of us what we needed most – and that was leadership.

She was the quarterback in a drive that took us from a dream to a reality….the reality of this fine building we will enjoy for years.

So KAY, on behalf of everyone here at the EEDI, I’d like to say thanks for being a woman of action and not just words. You got us started, rallying many people to work together to complete this building.  It would never have happened without you and your colleagues

So join me in giving KAY a round of applause and a big thank you.

We wish her and her family to be in sound health and well off wherever she is!

Sanoos,  On behalf of the EEDI, ERAVUR

EIC group photo










Kay you have been a superstar in the world of Eravur and what you have achieved for the people of the community over many years is incredible.  Your passion and love for this project has been inspirational. You have encouraged so many of our students to be part of this and many life lessons have been learnt for them along the way.  You have helped them understand the importance of giving, caring for others, and that small actions can make a big difference…….and so much more.  Kay you will be missed!

Joneen Walker, Qatar Academy Assistant Principal, Primary School

It is my honor to acknowledge the incredible contributions Kay has made to a program and, more importantly, to the many people that the QA Action team and EEDI project serve.   Kay is a Connector.  Connecting with people to build meaningful relationships is the cornerstone on which Kay has developed the leadership of the Action team – students who have an ambition to help others and who need the focus, skill building and support to see their eagerness pay off in something bigger and more meaningful than they anticipated. Through Kay’s dedication, the service learning trips to Eravur as well as the school based awareness and fundraising drives have done more than create a positive impact; they have built lasting relationships that will continue to move lives forward through the sustainable network Kay has helped establish.  The students and adults impacted both in Eravur and in Doha owe so much to Kay’s energy and commitment to doing what she can while empowering others.  She is a role model and inspiration on how true service develops both those who give and those who receive.  Thank you, Kay!

Paula Brunning, Qatar Academy Counselor

Kay facilitating a skype meeting with Qatar Academy and EEDI students.


It’s time for me to say goodbye to you. I take this opportunity to say thank you to you for all your guidance eand support. It’s because of your support and believes that I achieved success in my personal and professional life.

I wish to express my gratitude for all the  development received while working with you. I have known you for about 5 years .. .those five years I will never forget. I will always remember your words and whatever you taught me. I believe whatever success I achieved in this EEDI  is because of your guidance and support. Even though I am happy to join  to other organization it is with regret that I am bidding goodbye to you as I will miss you and the team.

I am confident that I will utilize the skills and experience that I gained under your supervision in my new position as a THIMUM coordinator.

Mom you are a selfless and service-oriented person ever. These days, familiar ones do not help the familiar ones, but your assistance to us who are not familiar to you is really commendable. I am duty bound to thank you for the support given by you yet. And I want to give you a big hug mom. Thank you so much for everything. EEDI student will never forget you. and you’r smiling face. We will realy miss you come  May…. i can’t express to you that how much I will  miss you…thank you thank you thank you soooo much!!!!

Sasna, EEDI graduate, EEDI Teacher and OMUN Sri Lanka Coordinator

Kay has spread a lot of goodwill and professional expertise to the children of Eravur.
.Kay has spread a lot of goodwill and professional expertise to the children of Eravur