CHEMUN IX: Chennai Model UN

For the year of 2015, BBC has named Chennai, India one of the must-see cities in the world. What better way to introduce Chennai’s premier THIMUN affiliated conference, Chennai Model United Nations?

Taking place during the days of October 23rd to October 25th, the American International School – Chennai will serve as host to the 9th annual conference of CHEMUN. CHEMUN is one of the two THIMUN affiliated conferences in the whole country of India, making it a destination for schools all around the world to attend for an incredible weekend of invigorating debate, collaboration, and innovation.
The city of Chennai, India is often called the ‘cultural capital’ of India due to its rich culture and tradition. This metropolis lies at the south of India, right on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, home to the world’s second largest beach – Marina. In 1996, the Anglicized name of Madras was changed to Chennai, and the city is now home to more than four million Chennaites. Chennai is the melting pot of religion, containing populations of the three largest religions – Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Chennai is also home to a booming economy, with a thriving automobile industry and startup culture. In addition, Chennai is also known as the cultural hub of South India, due to its strong heritage of classical music, dance, and architecture. Chennai poses as the greatest juxtaposition between tradition and modernity, which heightens its beauty even more.
Debate at CHEMUN is incredibly fulfilling, challenging, and fruitful, connecting delegates with other delegates around the world who offer a new perspective on the nature of int


ernational relations. This year’s theme for CHEMUN isbiotechnology, a theme that offers discussion and debate on the advent of the future, while offering a lens to look thro

ugh the issues of poverty, inequality, climatechange, gender and racial discrimination.

So, fellow comrades of this earth and of the MUN community. I invite you, yes you, to register your school for CHEMUN IX today! It is bound to be the greatest conference yet. Bigger, badder, better. Visit our website for all the information youpic-1 can get about the conference and for the registration process. Or, email us at

– CHEMUN Secretariat