Doha still as fresh as before

This post if brought to you by OMUNer and student at Aga Khan Mzizima School, who has made two consecutive trips to THIMUN Qatar, first as a member of the OMUN Delegation, and secondly as a member of the AKM delegation.

Team at OMUN-Maahir


Some people may say that going to an international debate for the second time in a row kind of takes the excitement off it especially if you are in the same committee. Well after going through the same process I can gladly say that they are wrong.

This year I was back for more from THIMUN Qatar equipped with the first ever Qatar team from Aga Khan Mzizima, Tanzania. We were a mix of old and new delegates and together represented the delegate of Armenia. May the Armenians reading this blog know that we did your country proud!

It was really great being back in Doha! The very coolness of the air was nourishing in a way that could not be found in humid Dar es-Salaam.  It seemed relatively unchanged even though a year had passed and I was quite a different person than I was last year. The Souq still had it cultural authenticity, the malls were still as big as ever and the conference itself was as good, if not better, than ever.

The Environment Commission was filled with new faces. It was great meeting new people all interested in the simple goal of helping the world through peace. For those looking for true optimism I urge you to spend a conference in the Environment Commission. There you will find delegates who understand the threats the world is facing but are filled with the belief that all can be put right again.

The joy of returning to a conference is the prospect of meeting old friends and this conference had faces such as Anurag and Salam and of course Mrs. Martin. Then amongst the old and new faces there was the OMUN team. Even though a few of them were older than me I still felt rather old as I reminisced on the good times I had with the previous OMUN team (which we have dubbed ourselves the dream team).

So in the end, Doha though still very much the same, was still as brand new and exciting as it first was and with that refresh I experienced the debate as a delegate on his first conference, excited and ready for a lot more MUN.

OMUN DSGs, EAO, ADs and awesome OMUN Delegates. OMUN Delegates pose for a group shot at the end of THIMUN Qatar 2015.

Maahir Jusabani