Dear Dasa

In May we began a column in the monthly newsletter, The Oliver Branch. Dear Dasa will offer tips and other slightly frivolous news about THIMUN Qatar events. We hope that Dear Dasa will become the ‘go to’ place for reliable straight talk about Model United Nations.  Dasa, a graduating delegate from Qatar International School, will be contributing to  the Olive Branch while simultaneously attending university in Canada. Have a question for Dasa? You can email us at with the subject line “Dear Dasa”. We’ll run your question, and Dasa’s answers, in upcoming editions of the OB!


Q: Dear Dasa, what’s the most important thing for a delegate to focus on, substance or style?

A: Dear Delegate, substance and content is definitely a key to win the support of fellow delegates. When you go up to the podium to speak, you want to make sure that you know what you’re talking about, and not just plain waffle. Then again, styling yourselves and dressing impeccably is also a must. You wouldn’t wanna look like ‘that one delegate who totally forgot he had a conference today’ (ew!). Dressing well can significantly boost your confidence on and off committee sessions, and trust me, you’ll love the feeling when people tell you ‘you look fabulous!’… I would know.

Q: Dear Dasa, Help! I am confused. I was told by my MUN Director that a resolution is one long sentence. How can this be?

A: Dear delegate, yes, a resolution is a document consisting of one long sentence due to the fact that only one full stop is used for every resolution. However, a resolution isn’t any long sentence;  it consists of pre-ambulatory clauses (clauses that informs the committee of the background of the issue), and operative clauses (clauses which states solutions on how to solve the problems created by the issue). You might find it useful google searching a sample resolution and how it is formatted. Good luck debating!

Q: Dear Dasa, what’s the best thing to purchase at the QNCC cafeteria?

A: Dear delegate, my advice to you is that you should not buy anything from the café and instead stop by Mcdonalds or any grocery stores nearby to buy some snacks/coffee before the conference starts. You’ll save tons of money. I mean 25 QR for a sandwich?! Like, really QNCC?!