Dear Dasa_June

Before Dasa headed off to university, he stopped by the THIMUN Qatar office where he spent a little time with the THIMUN Foundation’s power duo Irene Crepin , Managing Director (right), and Fran Laughlin, Co-Chair (left).

Dasa and THIMUN Royalty

Q: Dear Dasa, there is this really cute guy in my committee and I really want him to notice me! What should I do?

A: Dear delegate, first of all, during committee session, when his resolution is up for debate, crush his resolution and speak against it! Show him that you’re in control and completely indestructible. Let the MUN procedure be your wingman. This should attract his attention enough. Then, completely ignore him for the rest of the conference because you are an independent lady who doesn’t need any man, seriously…

Q: Dear Dasa, someone just asked a point of information and I can’t answer it on the spot! Any advice?

A: Dear delegate, the purpose of a point of information is to throw you off guard after your speech. What I suggest you do if you can’t answer the point of information immediately after it has been asked; ask the chair to repeat it. This will give you the chance to collect your thoughts on the spot whilst the point of information is being repeated. If you still can’t answer it, simply reply by saying that you will reply in note form.

Q: Dear Dasa, there is an MUN conference coming up and I don’t know where I should buy my clothes from. Any suggestions?

A: Dear delegate, it all depends on your personal style to be honest. Personally I like to mix modern with traditional, so I usually wear a suit (Massimo Dutti sells the best suit) with a little ethnic touch (a scarf with traditional Indonesian patterns or a cravat). If you’re short on budget, I suggest you go to H&M and buy a simple clean blazer and black pants. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shops and style, provided that you don’t recklessly spend your money.