Saying Goodbye to the THIMUN IT Guy

Film Festival…Go Pro Challenge
Abhay and Dasa - Copy
Saying goodbye to Dear Dasa


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Going ‘no tech’ for a day…..

It has been an amazing year for the office, with so many ups and downs it would take one of Jesse’s spreadsheets to track them all. But one of the lowest days was when we learned that our THIMUN Qatar IT Coordinator would be moving on. In those dark dark days of November, we realized that come June, we would have to say goodbye to Abhay. And June is here, sadly, for us.

Abhay had a little surprise  in his back pocket…an acceptance to Carnegie Mellon (USA) Masters program in Information Systems Management. In fact, he had originally been awarded this on his first try, and had already deferred it once (so he could work in the THIMUN office) and was about to do so again. So in the proverbial glass half empty/glass half full, this seemingly black cloud had a platinum silver lining!

Abhay - Copy
Busy at work….or looking for apartments in Pittsburgh.

He leaves for the US on July 8, and will eventually return to Doha in 18 months time with a newly minted Masters Degree, a year at one of the best science and technology schools in the United States, and a likely internship at a Silicon Valley tech company to boot! When he returns, his cup will definitely not be half full; it will runneth over with great things. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

abhay film fest
With CMU students at the launch of the Film Festival Submission Platform
Abhay national day
Getting in the spirit…National Day 2014

We’ll miss you Abhay, but don’t you dare unfriend us from the TQ What’sApp group. With the QLC just around the corner, we’ll be in touch often….

.…like everyday!



Lunch with Abhay, better
Lunch with the family!
abhay working 2
Days before THIMUN Qatar…nonstop work…nonstop….