Delegate in the Making: Farzen

In this monthly column we will feature a student new to MUN and only just beginning their journey into the MUN community. We would like to introduce Farzen, from Kabul, Afghanistan, one of the original AFMUN club members.




Farzen is 16 years old and has one brother and two sisters. Her father is an engineer. She hopes to become a teacher. In her free time Farzen loves to skateboard, and read the Holy Quran and storybooks. She hopes to visit Saudi Arabia and France someday.



Farzen Speaks

On Model United Nations One of the most important learning activities of MUN is improving our English language, which is really helpful in our daily life. Writing resolutions for the problems that we have in our country is another reason. The most important reason for doing MUN is that our learning activities of being able to solve problems is getting better and better. Through MUN projects we can develop Afghanistan and we can create future leaders. MUN can help high school students to show their talent and have participation on helping countries with their problems. For Afghanistan the most important thing about MUN is that it can change the lives of youths and accomplish their dreams.

On Afghanistan: I personally love the culture of our country, which is very simple and interesting. Like I love to celebrate the Eid days and the new years.

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On the Future: The current situation of my country needs the educated population. I want to be a teacher in the future so that I can train others to be like me, as I wanted to be like my teachers as they are right now.