Home is where the food is! A Sri Lankan Meal at the Heart of Eravur

Manahil Nadeem of QA Action describes the overwhelming hospitality given to us by EEDI students.

Each eventful day spent in Eravur was ended with dinner at the homes of those attending or working at EEDI. It was an eye-opening experience to be welcomed so excitedly into the home of people who we had just met. We split into groups and went to different homes. My very first dinner was at a recent EEDI graduate named Ara’s house. We were introduced to their entire family: Ara’s mother, brother, aunt and grandparents.

It was incredible to see the hospitality they had towards us, eagerly asking questions and encouraging us to eat more than we possibly could. After discovering that Ara’s father and uncle lived in Qatar to work, we were quickly introduced to them via Skype and chatted about life in Qatar. The food was delicious; we were given the small bananas that are commonly given in Sri Lanka as well as a special ice cream drink. We exchanged contact details with the family and took lots of pictures with them


home visit
Haya, Soyeon and Manahil with Ara



Other groups went to Sasna’s house, the coordinator of the Eastern Provinces MUN initiative, enjoying different curries such as pumpkin curry and a variety of fruits.